• We traveled to Puglia, the Amalfi Coast and Naples in late July.

    We felt very safe in Italy. Italy required masks indoors, and most places were requiring social distancing and had timed entrances. Jennifer did a great job developing our itinerary, helping us react with flexibility in-country and putting us in the hands of great people on the ground, especially our driver, Luca. In Ostuni we visited the Masseria Le Pianelle and had a magnificent time learning and participating in making mozzarella, stracciatella, and burrata. In Lecce we had a private tour with a local docent of the Jewish history museum. Everyone—no matter where we went—said they were so happy to see Americans. Our next stop was Matera, which is magical, and the Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita, which is a hotel of somewhat modernized caves within a UNESCO site. Luca then drove us to Sorrento, where we learned about the ancient craft of wood inlay (Intarsia) and visited one of the oldest crafters of this art form, and on to Positano. Our hotel, The Eden Roc, was conveniently located by the stairs that took you down and across the street to the main path to the beach area of Positano. Positano was the busiest place of our trip, and we saw crowds everywhere. It is expensive and full of young, beautiful people. Then it was off to Herculaneum, Pompeii and Naples. Pompeii was a bit busy, but we had the museum at Herculaneum largely to ourselves. We visited a local winery, Casa Setaro, where Jennifer arranged for the owner to invite us to his home for a tasting and lunch. We sampled four of his wines, his olive oil, limoncello, and one of the best meals ever. It was a wonderful trip.

    The itinerary and time at each place was perfect. The guides and drivers were phenomenal. We had a great mix of experiences. Southern Italy is a truly beautiful group of regions, each of which could have been a vacation in itself!

  • We felt completely comfortable on this trip. The apartment-style accommodations had a double benefit that they felt more COVID-friendly and also really made us feel like we were living in the city where we were staying. In addition, as others have noted, this is a truly special time to be in Rome and Venice. It was my first time and I am afraid I have been ruined for the future. The crowds just weren’t a factor at any time. We felt like we always had the space to move around freely, visit any location and were comfortable with the mask wearing when we and others were indoors.

    Highlights included: the guides, Roberto and Alvise, really were wonderful. They obviously both love their cities and their work and they made the time with them quite educational and fun. Alvise was particularly engaging. His personality is perfectly suited to being a guide and he loves showing off his hometown of Venice. We learned so much during our orientation tour and got great dinner reservations as well at Osteria di Santa Marina; the Danza tickets were amazing!!! Jennifer didn’t tell us they were front row!! Thanks so much to her for coming through on that request. Choreographer Wayne MacGregor was actually sitting right behind my son in the audience too. We really enjoyed the show and the talk afterwards. We also loved the Architecture exhibit at the Arsenale (didn’t have time for the Giardini unfortunately); the various accommodations worked out very well for us. In Rome, the Martius private suites were very well situated and quite comfortable. In Bologna, we were close to Oriana’s (chef for cooking class) apartment and just down the street from her optometrist shop and of course a quick walk to the downtown area. We enjoyed doing a little bit of shopping and cooking while we were there. In fact we took some of the groceries with us to use in Venice. The Venice apartment was beautiful and very comfortable and a nice bit away from the hubbub of the central part of Venice. I would definitely stay there again. And then the Villa Serbelloni’s history and beautiful views made it special as well; Oriana, our chef for the cooking class, took us for a delightful tour of the outdoor markets and then welcomed us into her home for a relaxed, fun and educational afternoon of pasta making.

    Thanks again for your assistance. We really felt like we were in Italy at a special time and Jennifer’s choices helped us take advantage of all it has to offer!

  • Jennifer Virgilio and her associates furnished us with the best imaginable service in Italy, from scheduling private tours for us, to understanding who we are and finding guides who matched and built on our interests.

    Above all, given the unpredictability that the pandemic continues to wreak on openings and closings of monuments and museums, Jennifer and associates were able to “turn on a dime” and give us alternative tours and tickets if something was closed, and they notified us on the morning of a tour that something we had wanted to see had just opened to the public–and with our approval, they immediately secured tickets and tours for us. She/they did this without causing us one iota of stress or worry.

    We were in the hands of professionals who wanted to give us the best experience possible. We did not take advantage of a number of lovely services that Jennifer provides, including chauffer and reservation services, but we look forward to doing so on our next visit to Europe.

  • Sicily was absolutely fabulous! Our driver and guides were incredible.
    We had a fantastic WOW this afternoon with a really great guide, Freddie.
    We did a food tour (sweets) of our Paris neighborhood.
    We need to walk it off before dinner! We learned a lot about Paris from Freddie.

    Rick and Ruth Anne

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Great hearing from you!

    We had a wonderful trip! Everything you set up for us exceeded our expectations! Loved the guides, itineraries and the communication was wonderful!

    Looking forward to our next trip that we can work on with you. Thank you!


  • We use the Queen of Clubs teams around the world in all locations they offer services and love working with them.

    Our clients are always so happy and feel very well taken care of along the way!

    I cannot recommend them more!

  • We went to a Barolo village and had the chance to visit a Barolo wine cellar for a private tasting and tour…

    We were so very fortunate to be able to experience an impromptu trip to Milan and the Piedmont region in early January 2022 — and we could never have done it without Jennifer. First, the trip was initiated and planned in less than three weeks. Jennifer provided excellent advice on how to insure our trip and how to minimize risk if we found ourselves in the unfortunate circumstance of testing positive for Covid while we were abroad or before travel. Even though we are vaccinated, knowing I had a way back home to my children if we tested positive allowed me to enjoy the trip and not worry. The trip itself was glorious. We went to a Barolo village and had the chance to visit a Barolo wine cellar for a private tasting and tour. Our guides in Torino and Milan were excellent, and we relished the opportunity to take in The Last Supper and other masterpieces with no crowds. Like NONE. In Piedmont, the weather was mild and we were able to spend a lot of time outdoors. And our vaccine and booster allowed us to eat in restaurants with other vaccinated people and not put our health in jeopardy. Our private transfers and drivers were professional and masked at all times, and we honestly felt safer on the trip than we do at public places at home.

    We made some wonderful memories and cannot say enough about how this trip abroad gave us a much needed change to start 2022.

  • Jennifer and her team were great to work with. In the planning stage we worked through several options as to how best to enjoy our 5 1/2 days in Venice & came to an ideal balance between scheduled time and free time.

    Throughout the planning one or the other, often both, were touching base; making sure we knew not just what we would be doing but also what we needed to do to meet all requirements of travel as they changed leading up to departure. When we had specific requests they were able to accommodate without difficulty. After our arrival, I particularly liked the daily text update from a staff member reviewing what was on the schedule for the next day, a contact phone number for any issues and stating any important updates such as the need for proof of vaccination in order to eat indoors, go to museums etc. which began in Italy midway through our trip. Yes, I had my printed copy as well as access to the digital copy of daily activities but getting that text made it so easy. Who wants to carry around the printed page and a text is easier to access by phone than getting into the itinerary! Our guide for touring Venice and our sommelier guide for Valpolicella wineries were knowledgeable as well as engaging to spend time with–both are native Venetians which provided an ideal lens through which to learn about Veneto. Venice is a magical place and having Alvise take us to the expected as well as unexpected and unknown spots was wonderful. Make sure not to miss the best, and funniest, saleswoman in the world at the linen shop on Burano!

    My husband and I had a very stress free trip with all planning aspects having been taken care of by Jennifer and Susanna. Thank you again for recommending a great travel agent to help create a memorable trip–especially in these travailing travel times. I do feel that with appropriate destinations and precautions, travel can be done safely and enjoyably. Venice was delightfully uncrowded, by Venice terms!

  • Jennifer did a great job developing an itinerary, helping us react with flexibility in-country, and putting us in the hands of great people on the ground. We felt very safe in Italy.

    All in all it was a wonderful trip. The itinerary and time at each place was perfect. The guides and drivers were phenomenal. We had a great mix of experiences. Southern Italy is a truly beautiful group of regions each that could have been a vacation in itself.

  • A poet once said “…through the trials and tribulations…” My travels were certainly an unforgettable experience that encompassed nearly 2 years of planning and replanning, the tireless efforts of Jennifer and her team must receive the highest commendations. I rechecked my notes and saw that my first deposit for airfare was paid in November of 2019…but then, the “fun” started. Four reschedules later… and a tremendous effort by Jennifer, finalized my dream trip for Oct 2021. And it was everything that I had hoped for…with a little hiccup on the side.

    London was amazing as ever. Jennifer was spot-on in recommending the Kensington. It had the best martinis of the entire trip (and I tasted many all over town) and was a quick walk to the Underground for exploring the city. Although I have visited several times in the past (I lived in Portsmouth on-and-off for three years), my travel expert — Hugh — turned out to be a bigger history buff than I. Special access to the Churchill War rooms, a visit to the crypts of (an almost deserted) St. Paul’s and amazing walks through Blenheim and Chartwell. Hugh knew more than just what was in history and guide books….it was an amazing educational and entertaining experience. Stephen and Antonio kept me apprised of my schedule daily and made sure every detail was confirmed. I am already planning a return to follow in the footsteps of T.E. Lawrence… Hugh, you better start reading up!!!

    At the back end of the trip, Venice was starting to come alive. I, too have visited Venice before, but the city seemed to be emerging out of its pandemic isolation and tourists were coming back. So was the water! It wouldn’t be Venice if San Marco were not flooded at least once during the week… it did not disappoint. The Baglioni Hotel Luna was perfectly situated at the corner of the Piazza San Marco, right off the Grand Canal and around the corner from Harry’s Bar (still have great Bellini’s). Alvise, my artisan tour guide, knew the ins-and-outs of the cathedral, the amazing talents on Murano and introduced me to Maestro Pastor and his wood-carving talents. But Jennifer left me just the right amount of time to wander (and get lost in) Venice on my own—it’s the best way to experience the city.

    Unfortunately, the middle of vacation was filled with major upheavals — none of which was due to the actions of Jennifer and her team, but by Belmond. A day before I was to embark on the Orient Express, the entire journey was cancelled. A major disappointment. However, Jennifer, Antonio and Mattia quickly sprang into action and coordinated/expedited/confirmed transport for me from London to Bologna to Venice. It was a major logistics coup and something I could not have done without their help — it turned a nightmare scenario into a (minor) annoyance. But what would life be without such a glitch? This only means that I will have to come back next year for the train experience—and Jennifer is already working on that. I’ll let you all know how that works out this time next year!

    My thanks to Jennifer, Antonio and Mattia for making these weeks a memorable occasion. See you all next year!

  • Hi Jennifer! I just wanted to say... I know we get busy but it’s so ideal when one gets quick responses and your team (France and Italy) have been so great in getting responses to me quickly and they are so good in relaying information correctly and efficiently to avoid a lot of going back and forth! Saves a lot of time! Kudos! It makes all the difference!

  • Todo fue perfecto y les gustó mucho la visita y sobre todo mención especial al guía Alberto también les gustó mucho el pub que les escogimos, las entradas de teatro perfectas!! En fin un 10!

  • Giulia, on mine and my husband’s behalf I would like to thank through you the Queen of Clubs outfit for making our stay in Italy such a great experience!

  • All spectacular, impeccable, very affectionate and professional.

  • I could not LOVE this more. Thank you!

    And that is why I do all of my Italy bookings with YOU… and France & Switzerland, too!

    I heard nothing but positive feedback from Lauren as well and I SOOOO appreciate all of your efforts in making this a wonderful trip for Lauren!

    Mara- thank you for holding her hand along the way!!!
    All the best to all of you,

  • Thank you so much for all your work and you have the patience of a Saint. I had a lovely text message from the Milgrams this morning “We had a wonderful time. All of your guides, drivers and hotels were fantastic. We appreciate that every detail was taken care of. Thank you for arranging an amazing vacation.” So thanks again for all your hard work. You’ve been amazing. X

  • My clients Steve and Elizabeth Modory sent me a text about their tour and day. They said Carolina and driver were FABULOUS! Loved it! This is a great statement as they can be particular and always expect the best. You all delivered. Thank you for making me look like a Rock Star. Thank you so much!

  • Ciao I talked with my client about her drivers tours etc. She loved all the tours, transfers etc. Loved Grand Hotel La Favorita. Everything worked like clockwork. Incredible service , knowledge and very personable! Excellent work everyone. You make me look like RockStar! Grazie Millie

  • Hi Greta!
    Thank you so much for this.
    I actually just spoke with Mr. Jobe as he had to make a trip right after they returned for some work so I had not spoken with him yet.
    He said everything was fantastic and that you all did a wonderful job! I understand they had to change the bike tour in Florence because of the rain and instead did a food tour and they loved it. He said you all handled it very smoothly and it turned out great! They also loved Pompeii and the guide there.
    Thank you so much for such a great job – once again!
    Have a wonderful week!

  • “The boat ride was fantastic! Great captain. The only thing to note there is that we had a lunch reservation at a restaurant you can only get to by boat. It was lovely and the food great, but we were charged 16 euros each for a resort fee. Kind of caught us by surprise. My favorite was the cooking class in Ravello. It was simply wonderful.”

  • Hi Sylvia and Team,

    I cannot thank you enough for all you did for the Westcott family. They raved about the service and said it was flawless. I received a text message from Court Westcott yesterday when they got home to Dallas saying: “The trip was perfection.”


  • This is the first big trip I have done with this family, so I don’t have any precedent to compare. All in all, they had a wonderful trip, and from what I can tell, liked – loved, everything that we set up for them... Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with your help, and with Queen of Clubs in general. The honeymoon that Andreas helped with in France went off without a hitch, and you have a life long patron in those clients.  I’ve used other services for Italy, and QofC far exceeds on every level, from start to finish. Here’s to many more trips ahead! There is absolutely no way I could have pulled this off without your help! Cheers! Wade

  • Dear Queen of Clubs team, Thank you so much for the amazing trip you helped plan for the Holmsten family. I had a brief call yesterday with them and they were so happy with everything. They loved Aurora, the guides, the beach club and more. As mentioned previously, they thought the Belmond was over the top and loved how they invited their kids to go play. They were a big family and everyone left with magical memories thanks to you. I appreciate all of the time you and your teams spent making the trip extra special. They will be back (possibly next summer!). Have a wonderful day! Best, Caroline  

  • Thank you so much for helping plan what was definitely one of our top trips ever. Your attention to detail was enviable.  Every restaurant was very considerate when it came to Peter & his nut allergy. Thank you. We will definitely be using your agency again & will recommend to anyone who asks.

  • No problem at all, I am glad we could get this wrapped up for both of us! Thanks again for providing a wonderful tour for the client. Always a pleasure to work with you and your team. Have a wonderful holiday Mattia!

  • Thank YOU, Mattia!

    I was just thinking how grateful I am to have you as my partner in Italy.

    You are an incredible resource, always positive, and have an insanely fast turnaround time. I don't know what I would do without you! 

    I really need to get back to Italy! Can you believe I haven't been since 2009! YIKES!


  • Good morning, Mara, Margherita, Stephanie and Jennifer,

    Lisa Hall and I are so thankful for you. Please see below the lovely response from the Hollis family. Once again, Queen of Clubs completely “wowed” our clients! We appreciate you so much.

    Happy Happy New Year to each of you!

    Please confirm that they made the additional payments~

  • The Drivers and tour guides were amazing.  Antonio did a great job with keep us updated the night before our excursions.  First class company.  We even conquered the train with our bags. So many memories, I could go on and on.  I'm sitting here smiling as I type this.  Let's plan another one!  We need to make a memory book while it is all so fresh in our minds.

  • Thank you so much Mara. I just spoke to my client and she went on and on about Q of C in Italy and you! It appears as though everything exceeded her expectations.

  • We had the most wonderful time in Italy! It was fantastic!! Everything was perfect. Absolutely beautiful. Each place was so different it is hard to have a favorite. All of the drivers and guides were so polite and helpful. Some just went over and beyond to make us comfortable or to let us experience Italy in every way possible. The hotels were incredible, absolutely stunning. We enjoyed 10 wonderful days of eating, drinking, relaxing and of course, site seeing. Thank you again for organizing a beautiful vacation for us.

  • We loved all our tour guides! They were great! Very interested in making sure we enjoyed our time. The cooking class was awesome! I think this was the kids favorite event. Again - thank you. I have already recommended you to others and will most certainly call you for our next trip!!!

  • Hi Lisa,

    Chris and I arrived home after the most amazing trip we could have ever imagined!
    We both just want to tell you Thank You and how much we appreciate everything you did to make our anniversary trip so special.
    Every detail was perfect and the gifts you sent were so thoughtful.
    Each city brought something new and exciting, the hotels were exquisite, each guide was unique, and the experiences were just what we needed!
    We loved Florence and Tuscany the most and we want to move into the Castillo di Casole!
    Honestly, it made my list of places that I want to put on repeat and I don’t say that very often.
    Can’t wait for you to plan our next adventure.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    Kasey and Chris - Lisa Hall 

  • It’s all been truly exceptional - you guys are amazing - thank you!

  • I wanted to thank you and all of our guides for what was a flawless trip to Rome. Without you and your amazing guidance and contacts, our trip would have been only a fraction of what it was. Everything about it was perfect.  We learned so much about each place we visited and truly enjoyed the guides who accompanied us. Bravo and thank you kindly.

  • I want to thank you so much for the wonderful trip. Everything was great. We all had excellent trip. The guides were informative and personable. The drivers were timely and talkative. The level of attention and detailed questions to make sure this was a trip we would all enjoy were exceptional.  My husband loved Ferrari day and now says we should consider getting a Ferrari. I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone who asks.

  • Just wanted to say thank you so much for creating such a fantastic experience throughout the entire trip. And to each of you for coming to spend time with us. It was truly a real pleasure getting to know each of you. The trip unforgettable…we had so much fun. And laughed a lot. We hope to send you lots of business! Please do send this note on to your other colleague who was with us on the boat cruise who’s card I lost. Hope to see you all in some part of the world soon! Thanks again

  • Jennifer, just a quick note that we are back in LA. Wanted to thank you for such an amazing trip.  Really everything was so smooth, you picked out the best city’s, the best hotels, absolutely everything. Also wanted to let you know all tour guides and drivers were fantastic so you have the information for future families. Thank you again!

  • The Hotel Eden was one of the most incredible hotels we have ever stayed at. We loved every single moment. Our tour guide, Serena, couldn’t have been more wonderful. She was absolutely perfect and charming and full of energy. I would highly recommend her to any clients you have. Giulio the driver we have now is also a gem. The fact that he is from Canada and speaks perfect English is comforting while travelling. Thank you so much for securing such amazing people to show us around Rome. We LOVED it and will never forget our first visit.  Hope you have a relaxing Sunday. Warmly, Allison

  • My entire family would like to thank you for helping put together the most memorable trip we can imagine. We only wish we were there another 2 weeks as there is still so much to see. Every city we visited was special and different in its own way. Venice was magical, Tuscany was serene, Rome was ancient, yet alive and Positano was heaven, and all of it skillfully delivered by the most knowledgeable and friendly guides that we could ask for. That really made it special. Many, many thanks! This is a once in a lifetime experience that 3 generations were able to enjoy together.

  • Thanks Jennifer! It was an amazing trip and I know we did a lot on the fly and were probably huge pains in the neck but please know we are so grateful for your help! 

  • Thank you both for hanging in there with me. Another job WELL done. You have truly proven that I can rely on you. Consider me a QoC evangelist… 

  • I really appreciate everyone’s help, especially given the demanding, high stakes, and last-minute nature in which they typically travel.

  • Hi Mara, Thank you for setting up the olive oil rescue mission so last minute, haha! Again, above and beyond impressed with the service that you (MARA!) and your team provide to our top clients. I will share the detailed feedback with you as soon as I have it! Warm regards, Charlotte

  • Dear Mara and Jennifer, You two did an OUTSTANDING job!!  I spoke with my client today and she was singing your praises!!

  • Dear Mattia, dear Andrea, I thank you so very much for all the attention provided and for a proactive communication with clients and ITG. It is such a pleasure to work with you! Thanks so much for the report and for pleasing the clients to the maximum. Please thank to Alessandro the driver for his service and attention! Mille grazie a tutti! Siete I MIGLIORI!

  • So much gratitude with Queen of Clubs Lifestyle Luxury Services for the most amazing day tour to the Vatican Museums - There are some places where a tour guide makes all the difference in the world - especially when you get a superb one as SYLVIA!! 

  • Muchas gracias por todo Mattia, le mandé un mensaje al cliente para saber su opinión, espero todo bien, ya que su respuesta fue; todo maravilloso!!! Agradezco tu apoyo y espero poder molestarte pronto para un futuro cliente. Saludos,

  • It has all been wonderful, thank you for your help!!

  • I just want to take a moment to let you know that everything so far has been PERFECT! Everything. We are in Siena now, Villa Cora so beautiful and the staff amazing catering to you as if you were the only person in the hotel. We are so looking forward to continuing this amazing trip that tout have put together for us. PS: The tour guides excellent . Alvice in Venice what a beautiful man! And so in love with his city the girls loved him! Elisa in Florence doing the Medici tour brought it to life for Sydney she was so happy with this experience Elisa was also amazing.

  • Good morning Jennifer and Mara, Hope you’re both doing well. I wish I was reaching out because I was ready to plan my next trip abroad. You and your company did such a great job helping us navigate Rome and Florence with our little ones.  Your follow up and follow through was off the charts, so thank you. My reason for reaching out this time is I am copying a friend on this email who has two upcoming trips to Italy and England, December and August. I raved about your services and wanted to pass your info along. Be well. Hope to be in touch in the not too distant future.

  • Hi Jennifer, just wanted to share the awesome feedback I received from my honeymooners. I hope it makes your day like it did mine. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for going above and beyond and truly making me look like a ROCK STAR!! I couldn’t have done it without you and your team, and I very much look forward to working together again soon!  

  • We had the BEST time! Having English speaking contacts on the ground that I could contact was amazing. Our ferry back from Capri was cancelled, and Queen of Clubs had booked us a new ferry to a neighbouring city and a private car within minutes!
    We could not have seen or enjoyed our honeymoon half as much without you. The service was truly exceptional… you made every moment magical and smooth! We will certainly share you with family and friends and will be using you on our next trip! (I'm also hoping our budget goes up because I want to do everything you recommend next time :))

  • Jennifer and her team came through brilliantly. I have been singing her praises to everyone who asks about the trip. The guides were even better than I had expected. Each evening I received a text confirming the next day's specifics such as time and place which completely cased my logistical worries. There seemed to be many people behind the scenes taking care of us. In all, I would not hesitate for a second top recommend Jennifer's team and of course, Wendy Perrin. 

  • Jennifer, the entire trip, Paris and Rome, worked out beautifully. Your guides were superb in engaging the Children and enlightening the adults at the same time. All went very very well. The family departed Sunday (can’t believe it went so fast). Only one “pink eye” and one tummy virus to report. I was holding my breath that one would get sick before coming to Paris. I very much look forward to meeting you in person. Celia

  • Jennifer’s team provided top notch, personalised service throughout our weeklong stay in Rome. The guides that were selected for us were experts in their fields, and they added so much nuance and colour to our personal tours. For example, I have a love for Baroque art and the wonderful guide that they selected for our art tours was a former art history academic who specialised in the Baroque period. Not only was Susanna able to really dig in and educate me more about art from this period, we did a specialised tour on Caravaggio that culminated in visiting an art restoration studio with restorationists who had restored some of the Caravaggios that I had just seen hours before. Being in that studio, up close and personal with the art, was one of the most impactful travel experiences I have ever had- so much so, that I was brought to tears. Jennifer’s team went above and beyond during our stay - even going as far as securing a somewhat obscure gift for a work associate to bring back to the US having it sent to our hotel.The restaurant reservations that were made for us did not disappoint, and my husband and I had the most lovely lunch at the chic rooftop restaurant at the Hotel Eden, with unparalleled views and warm and attentive service. I especially appreciated the afternoon text each day, reminding us of our engagements for the next day. Everything went off without a hitch. I would not hesitate to use Jennifer Virgilio and he team for future visits to Rome, or to any of the other locations they specialise. I also wanted to thank Wendy and her team for the wonderful WOW moment in Rome! The food tour in Testaccio was so much fun! We loved trying the Trappizzini and I really enjoyed Mastro. Jason loved meeting the owners of Giolitti. Thank you for making our trip special.

  • Just arrived home and want to thank you, for making this an incredible weekend for us. Thank you again, you were all delightful and made the weekend. Even more special by being so wonderful.

  • Dear Giulia, I have heard nothing but raves from the Soms, your service and availability were so appreciated. Thank you for making me look good. Elaine

  • Hi Fiamma, My client relayed how AMAZING the golf tour was and they LOVED the guide. He said the family had a great time! Thank you so much for making their trip memorable!

  • Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for providing the below! I spoke with Ms. Hitchner the other day and she had nothing but amazing feedback. She thought Queen of Clubs did an excellent job and was worth the price. Thank you and your team for doing such a great job! 

  • Mattia - so happy you are back. The ladies did an awesome job and THANK YOU for being in contact with Miss Kara. I knew that their party was rather large and if there were changes, Kara speaking to guys directly was the best way instead of being being the middle man and possibly it taking longer (due to the time difference). There were a few changes with Mr. Edibey that we already settled. Is there a settlement we need to take care (money wise) with Miss Kara as well? Kara and Daniel were beyond happy the entire week with the services through Queen of Clubs and for that I thank you all for the hard work and prompt transfers, answers, and everything in between. You all are ROCKSTARS! Everyone else who we took care of had nothing but wonderful things to say. I absolutely love working with you guys knowing that everything is done professionally and promptly. Thank you 100 times! Will be in touch soon. Lots of love!!!!

  • Dear Jennifer, Thank you SO MUCH for arranging the porter and water taxi upon my arrival. It was truly such a help and I honestly don’t even know what I was thinking that I didn’t arrange this prior. I now realize how essential this transfer and porter is in Venice. I’ll be requesting this from Queen of Clubs as well as other services. I can’t wait to refer clients to you and start working. Thank you so much for your help and for coming to see me in Rome. My visit was so special as was the sunny warm weather. Rome greeted me with such open arms and I hope I’m lucky enough to return!! 

  • Thanks Mattia, Also thanks to the entire QOC family and all who made this experience for them perfect. They are just back but as you know I was in Italy during some of their trip and the Highets had amazing feedback for your services, great job and thanks for making MY job seamless.

  • Thank you for making everything easy for my family and I. You were awesome.

  • Dear Sandy,

    I have worked with Tiago and Queen of Clubs on many trips,
    both within the US, Europe and transatlantic.
    Without fail, Tiago and his team respond quickly all the time – I sometimes think they don’t sleep at all! No question goes unanswered and no request is too difficult. Their pricing is the best in the industry and always presented with photos and details. Contracts and paperwork are simple and dispatched quickly and, once confirmed, full details are updated right up to departure time. And then they inform me of the landing too. It’s wonderful to work with a company who understands that we like to know our clients are on the way, landed and taken care of. I’ve never had a problem at any point of the process. 
    You can book with Queen of Clubs with assurance. You are in excellent hands.


  • Hi Daria,

    Italy was amazing! We had the best time and all worked out perfectly with transfers, guides, hotel and car rental.

    Our guide in Florence, Veronica, was especially great, really impressive in her knowledge, great energy, and just lovely to spend time with!

    I was also impressed with the communication from Queen of Clubs keeping us alerted on who to look for and where to meet.

    Thanks so much again for the last minute help with the trip!


  • Dear Jennifer,

    On behalf of the Protravel executive committee, who represents all of the employees of our great company and myself we want to say thank you. We reached out to our advisors and asked them to recognize anyone who has gone above and beyond in servicing their needs and your name was mentioned.

    Needless to say, this year we are experiencing the most unusual times in our lives. We are all trying to stay connected and work with one another to the best of our abilities. When someone such as yourself and your company goes above and beyond to help the scenarios involved, we want to show our gratitude and give a big thank you for being there for us. It’s times like this where partnering means so much and your value is so greatly appreciated.

    Please stay safe and healthy. There is no doubt that we will get through this and we will all be stronger and better than what we used to be.

    Becky and Andy

  • Mattia,

    Hello from Botswana! 

    I can’t thank you enough for all of your help with the Davis party. You have truly gone above and beyond. I know this was a last minute trip with many fine details and special requests.   

    You guys are always my go to for Italy, and you have shown me again why. Many many thanks.  

    Warm wishes,

  • The trip was PERFECT is every single way! The tours, guides, activities, services, hotels, restaurants -- all wonderful. It's hard to think of a high point, because every single day was super fun and interesting. The day of wine tasting and the cooking class were really special. And all the guides were fabulous -- interesting, knowledgeable, friendly. The two hotels were beautiful with top service. I would recommend everything we did. I will definitely review everything when Vitruoso contacts me. And I am already talking to my friends about the trip and yours service! They saw my photos on facebook and have been asking me! I will for sure be contacting you again about future trips!! Thank you SO MUCH for the trip of a life time!

  • Hello Ladies,  Legit… EVERYTHING was absolutley perfect!  They loved everything.  They were blown away.  I have to say, this might have been one of the greatest carried out programs I've ever seen. Seriously, I wouldn't say it if it weren't true. 

  • A wonderful Tour with Fedra. I hope I can come back and work with her again. So many of the guides were great, but Sara in Roma, and Fedra today stood out for me and my girls. Thank you. I truly hope to be back soon to explore these cities and more. Happy New Year. 

  • Jennifer and Mara, I wanted to thank for creating the greatest trip -everything was incredible and we truly loved every minute. The hotel Eden is on the top of the list as a favorite place to stay. Again, thank you.

  • Thank you!!! WHAT A TRIP!!!

    They had the MOST amazing time!!!  SOOOOO much work that went into it but it was all worth it!!!

    THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Amazing partnership!!!
    Thank you!!!

  • We love Queen of Clubs!! Thank you so much for setting up such great experiences on our FAM and all of the amazing work you do for our clients!

  • Hi Jennifer! I would like to compliment your entire staff for the outstanding and excellent service they provide us during our stay in Paris and Italy! It was impeccable and made our vacation extra special! Till our next vacation to Europe! Warm Regards,

  • I was finally able to catch up with Laurie Fass yesterday and she raved about her guide in Milan. She said she was extremely knowledgeable and very sweet and that she made a perfect end to their trip. Thank you! I also spoke with Martha Allen last week and she couldn’t stop talking about how great the drivers and guides were in Paris so thank you again!!

  • Hi Jennifer, Clients are loving their stay in Amalfi. They are noticing the QoClubs difference. The private boat to Capri they named "one of their top 10 days EVER” and they travel a lot. Thank you for taking such good care of them.

  • Hi Fiamma, I have received texts and emails from them!  Pictures too! They had a wonderful time in Rome & Florence. They said everything was amazing! Loved their guides too! Thanks again for all of your help. Take care and I’ll be back in touch! I have some trips this fall I’m working on! Elaine

  • Hi Mara, Fabulous feedback! One email from Gus Barber – Hi Elaine - the trip was incredible - and the Villa Di Piazzano was the absolute best! Thanks so much for everything. And Mabel Pace – Thank you for planning the best trip ever for the Baker Party. There were no glitches. Our tours were fantastic! We LOVED everything about Villa Piazzano. Bill drove us expertly all over Tuscany. Ending with the boat tour in Venice was perfect and the weather that day was gorgeous. And we were all still speaking to each other at the end! Mabel As always, thank you for all of your prompt help and assistance, Mara! Grazie, Elaine

  • Seriously, the team is ON FIRE!

    Beyond their excellent knowledge, response time and cheerfulness (which is 1000000% appreciated), the itineraries are excellent. Really interesting and perfectly tailored for each client.

  • ​Thank you Susanna!

    I spoke with Diena when they got to Rome and she said everything was perfect.

    They loved absolutely everything you planned, thank you.

    The bday car gift was a huge hit too!


  • The Vatican tour was spectacular. My client could not rave enough about the Vatican guide who was extremely knowledgeable, he was impressed by her PhD and she was wonderfully personable and accommodating.

  • Terrific gelato masterclass.

  • Hi Mara, just a note that the Sheehans loved their tour guides in Florence and were so appreciative of all you did to make their tours so special. Thank you again! Vikram

  • Thank you for everything. The trips that you have arranged for us have been truly great! 

  • Today ROCKED.

  • I wrote to Robert earlier this week to ask him with whom I should communicate to convey our deep gratitude for everything that you and the team did for us. Everyone who I was in touch with was so unbelievably helpful, kind, patient, and detail oriented. The daily text reminders of where we had to be and what the day’s itinerary would be like was SO helpful and allowed us to be really relaxed. A schedule change that we requested was accommodated perfectly and everyone was so helpful and responsive. The drivers and tour guides were the best of the best. We can’t say enough good things about the travel planning support...I’ve honestly never been on a trip where every detail was so thoughtfully managed. We can’t thank you enough!! I will not want to do another European trip without working with all of you again. All my best.

  • Maria and Rob, 

    I don't even know how to begin to say thank you properly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    We had the most memorable day at the Vatican with Salvatore. He clearly is the best in Rome.
    This day will be a core memory that we will hang onto forever for the three generations of family.
    I think we are all still fully awe-struck and processing the incredible access, stories, and sights.
    Seeing Pope Francis was a surprise of a lifetime, especially for my mom!
    She was so happy she said she can die and go to Heaven tomorrow (we asked her not to do that while on vacation!!! :) 

    We are forever grateful for you arranging this day. My mom has been a devoted Catholic her entire life, teaching religious Ed to 8th graders for 30 years.
    This was just the most unbelievably special day for her to finally see the Vatican and the Pope. I'm still in disbelief myself! 

    Thank you,

  • Hi Robert - best trip ever!!! We loved every minute of it. I wanted to tell you that Giulia and Margherita at Queen of Clubs were SO unbelievably fantastic. They were so helpful and communicative and went out of their way to help us rearrange a few things...I truly can’t say enough good things about them. Do you have any suggestions for who I can communicate with at their agency to convey how amazing they were? Or is there any other way for me to show my appreciation? I’d be happy to tip them but I don’t know whether that’s appropriate or even how to do it. Let me know, thanks! Tia

  • Hi Mattia,

    Thanks again for everything! I just wanted to let you know that my client is still on social media with photos of his trip and now he is saying that he wants to visit southern Italy and Sardinia where his ancestors came from! This is exactly what I had hoped for! Great work! Have a wonderful week- Diane

  • Queen of Clubs does not know impossible. They have unparalleled access, they are responsive, and are fast to deal with any last minute changes. We are proud to be partners with them for Italy, France and UK.

  • Morning Judy, I was so impressed by everything you did - all your recommendations and tour guides and drivers were spot on. The golf cart tour was and cooking class were highlights of the trip I am so glad you suggested them. The Vatican tour was super hot like you said but the kids were happy to see it. The hotels were lovely and the boat was spectacular as was all the tours in Paris. Our trip was truly special thanks in large part to you and your team we were blown away by all that you did. Thank you again! Enjoy the summer!

  • Tiago, Jennifer,

    You guys are the best - thank you! This was so smooth. I can't wait to work with you again soon!