DUCO Parla! Tuscan Treasures

If you didn’t know, DUCO is an invitation-only event featuring top producers, travel advisors, and outstanding hoteliers and suppliers from all over Italy, held annually in Florence. Due to the current situation, Duco Travel Summit has been postponed to March 2021.

The passion for cultural exploration of this amazing organisation didn’t stop them from spreading their message through a series of webinars called DUCO Parla! A far-sighted Dante Alighieri once said: ‘beauty awakens the soul to act’. This is precisely what drives DUCO’s organisational machine and this is what drives us, Queen of Clubs.

On Thursday May 28th DUCO Parla! invited us to talk about Tuscan treasures and our Chief Business Development Officer Jennifer Virgilio, panelist presenter of the webinar explored the historical and cultural traditions of a wonderful region, Tuscany, along with Chef Simonetta, Wine Master Gabriele Gorelli, the Gruppo Storico of Lucignano and some of the most marvelous Tuscan hotels, villas and resorts:

Borgo Pignano, Flavia Brutti-Righetti
Castello Banfi - Il Borgo, Maddalena Vedele
Fontelunga Hotel & Villas, Paolo Kastelec & Philip Robinson
Fonteverde, Antonello Del Regno
Grand Hotel Continental Siena, Nathalie Beaugonin
Hotel Byron, Salvatore Madonna
Il Borro, Salvatore Ferragamo
Locanda Rossa, Barbara Valleggi
Principe Forte dei Marmi, Cristina Vascellari
Terme di Saturnia Natural Spa & Golf Resort, Barbara Scorza
Toscana Resort Castelfalfi, Dario Iaquinto

The journey through the cultural, historical, and culinary heritage of Tuscany has been exciting and inspiring. Our special guests Frances Mayes, author of bestselling novel and movie Under the Tuscan Sun, and Ondine Cohane, author, journalist, contributing editor at Conde Nast Traveler US and UK, and frequent travel writer for the NY Times Travel section, just released a new book titled 'Always Italy' written by both together with National Geographic. Throughout the webinar they delighted us with their experience and knowledge of this beautiful land, Tuscany:

'Living there for so long has changed my life in so many ways that it’s so hard to even think what my life would have been like otherwise.
When you live in Tuscany you live in beauty.
What a privilege it is to live in that exhilarating landscape of terraced olive grounds and cypress lanes.
You spend time there and you have this, they become part of you, and I think living in beauty changes you drastically.
It’s such a surprising country.
I said country because it’s like a country itself, it is so various and so diverse.
And I guess the biggest change for me, personally, is that I feel that Italy has given me and particularly Tuscany all these books I’ve written.
So, I’ve found so much to write there and I feel like if I had ten more lifetimes I would not get to the bottom of everything I would love to say about Tuscany'.
- Frances Mayes

'You can do so many things here, you can wake up and it’s a sunny day,and be an hour from Pienza, on the sea coast, having a delicious pasta alle vongole, swimming in the sea.
If it’s a Sunday you can go to Arezzo and visit one of the most beautiful antique markets in the world.
In forty five minutes from here I can go and have the best Brunello or Vino Nobile.
I could get lost in the poppies and the wild flowers, just that, every day’.
- Ondine Cohane

Tuscany is about wellness and traditions, so you can relax in the pools of thermal waters overlooking stunning views, while also tasting some of the best wines in the world. Tuscany is about extraordinary landscapes, such as long pristine beaches and the majestic Alps just next to them, and wide green hills overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Tuscany is a second home, a place where you will always want to go back after the first time, its authenticity and beauty is what awakes our souls and drives our company to provide the finest travel solutions and choose the best experiences for our clients.

Our biggest thank you goes to Duco Italy for inviting us, to our Italian team for their ideas and collaboration, to our Chief Business Development Officer Jennifer Virgilio, panelist presenter of the webinar, to Frances and Ondine, Chef Simonetta, Wine Master Gabriele Gorelli, the Gruppo Storico of Lucignano, and to all the guests who explored the historical, cultural and culinary traditions of this wonderful region, Tuscany.