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  • The level of attention and detailed questions to make sure this was a trip we would all enjoy were exceptional.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • You and your company did such a great job helping us navigate Rome and Florence with our little ones. Your follow up and follow through was off the charts, so thank you. I raved about your services and wanted to pass your information along!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Thank you for everything. The trips that you have arranged for us have been truly great!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer’s team provided top notch, personalised service throughout our weeklong stay in Rome. The guides that were selected for us were experts in their fields, and they added so much nuance and colour to our personal tours!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • It was a wonderful trip. The itinerary and time at each place was perfect. The guides and drivers were phenomenal. We had a great mix of experiences!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer and her team were great to work with! When we had specific requests they were able to accommodate without difficulty. Thank you again for recommending a great travel agent to help create a memorable trip!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • We really felt like we were in Italy at a special time and Jennifer’s choices helped us take advantage of all it has to offer!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer Virgilio and her associates furnished us with the best imaginable service in Italy, from scheduling private tours for us, to understanding who we are and finding guides who matched and built on our interests. We were in the hands of professionals

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer did a great job developing an itinerary, helping us react with flexibility in-country, and putting us in the hands of great people on the ground!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • My travels were certainly an unforgettable experience that encompassed nearly 2 years of planning and replanning, the tireless efforts of Jennifer and her team must receive the highest commendations. 

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Sicily was absolutely fabulous! We had a fantastic WOW this afternoon in Paris!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • We were so very fortunate to be able to experience an impromptu trip to Milan and the Piedmont region in early January 2022 — and we could never have done it without Jennifer!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • We had a wonderful trip! Everything you set up for us exceeded our expectations!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • We truly had an amazing time. The car services worked out perfectly, drivers couldn’t have been nicer and it all made our trip stress-free.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer and Chiara planned a terrific trip to Venice for our family of two adults and two older teen age boys!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Our time in Italy and London has been wonderful. Your tour guides are extremely knowledgeable, and the coordinators are very helpful!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Dear Susanna, we soon depart Lucca for Provence. A quick thank you for a wonderful set of arrangements! Thank you to you and your fine Italian team.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • We enjoyed the daily messages from duty managers to remind us our daily activities. Jennifer and Maria were also super responsive. Every request was executed flawlessly. We would work with Jennifer for future trips again and again!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer, just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed the trip you put together for us. It was everything we might have hoped for. You have a first rate operation and a first rate team there. 

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • We had a fantastic day on the water swimming, sunning, and posing for classic Amalfi photographs! The hotel rooms were outstanding that even the porter helping with our luggage shared that it was one of his favorite rooms.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • ​​​​​​​We give Jennifer the highest recommendations - for great planning and for top-notch support on the ground to ensure those plans go as well as possible, regardless of the circumstances.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Hi Jennifer, our trip to France and Italy was truly exceptional. Your team did a great job at communications and logistics planning, and everything went without a hitch!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Mattia, the trip was fantastic and every experience and the guides you planned for us were absolutely outstanding. You delivered exactly what I was hoping for - an interesting and inspiring first trip to Italy!


  • Wanted to thank you for such an amazing trip. Really everything was so smooth, you picked out the best city’s, the best hotels, absolutely everything.

    Client's Testimonial

  • We loved every single moment! We LOVED it and will never forget our first visit!

    Client's Testimonial

  • Greta, Jennifer and all, thank you all so much for arranging an amazing trip! Rachel and I had a wonderful time - the selections and services were top notch. You all did an incredible job. Hard to pick just one highlight!

    Client's Testimonial

  • I wanted to send you a note to let you know how grateful we are for your help with our trip. It was an amazing time for me, my wife, and my girls - and most of all, for us together. 

    Client's Testimonial

  • "Overall, this was the best trip we have ever taken, and we are so glad we chose you to create this once-in-a-lifetime memorable experience. Thank you!!"

    Atlanta - Mojo Adventures - Molly Mathis

  • Hello Mattia, thank you for all of your hard work and patience! I truly appreciate you and the whole team!

    Atlanta, USA - Atlas Wander Travel - Julie Boller

  • The team is great at relaying information correctly and efficiently to avoid a lot of going back and forth. It makes all the difference!

    Atlanta, USA - Michele Wise Travel - Michele Wise

  • Todo fue perfecto y les gustó mucho la visita. Las entradas de teatro perfectas!

    Barcelona, Spain - Viajes Andromeda - Teresa Sanchis

  • I truly appreciate all the help with this and personally I love working with Queen of Clubs!

    Beverly Hills, USA - Protravel International - Mirjana Serfozo

  • Hi Jennifer, I have 18 trips with Queen of Clubs over May and June. Everyone has been amazing and it's been 100% perfection. I'm grateful. I adore everyone I work with in every country. It's an amazing partnership.

    Birmingham - Kathryn Burns Travel - Kathryn Burns

  • We had such an excellent time on our trip! It was truly spectacular in every way, and we feel very lucky. Thank you for everything you guys did to make this become a reality!

    Birmingham, England - Kathryn Burns Travel - Kathryn Burns

  • Thanks for being my "go to" for Europe. Thank for allowing me to relax once clients are in your hands. Bravo, my friend!

    Birmingham, England - Kathryn Burns Travel - Kathryn Burns

  • Thank you so much for this follow up Barbara, my clients had an amazing time! Thank you all so much for helping to make this adventure extra memorable. They absolutely loved the adventure and their time there!

    Bristol, England - Mojo Active Adventures - Molly Mathis

  • Thank you Queen of Clubs for making our stay in Italy such a great experience!

    Buenos Aires, Argentina - Furlong Fox - Flavia Decker

  • All spectacular, impeccable, very affectionate, and professional.

    Buenos Aires, Argentina - Furlong Fox - Cecilia Ahumada

  • Hi Loredana, Thank you for all of your help! The clients said their travels have been absolutely AMAZING! I am extremely grateful for your partnership and for helping to pull everything together at the last minute.

    California - Beyond Borders Travel - Stephanie Kohll

  • The clients specifically asked that I use Queen of Clubs again because they had such a pleasurable experience last year. 

    California - Boutique Travel Advisors - Kim Parizek

  • "We cannot thank you enough for everything! After working with you, we can confidently say that we will be your clients for life! There is no one we trust more with our travels than you."

    California - Just Escape Travel - Michelle Barth

  • They truly had a wonderful time and were impressed by the services provided by your team.  This was a bucket list trip for them that they have wanted to do together for a long time, and we thank you for helping make it full of treasured memories!

    California - True Places Travels - Melody Hartwig

  • I just wanted to chime in quickly and say your team is so wonderful to work with!  Friendly, professional, and timely!

    California - True Places Travels - Melody Hartwig

  • We use the Queen of Clubs teams around the world in all locations and our clients are always so happy and feel very well taken care of along the way!

    Canada - Escape Artists Travel - Erica Gragg

  • I could not LOVE this more. Thank you! ​​​​​​​And that is why I do all of my Italy bookings with YOU… and France & Switzerland, too!

    Chandler, Arizona, USA - Escape Artists Travel - Erica Gragg

  • Thank you for your patience and for helping me wow them - I am certain they will be back for future trips and hope to work with you again! Thank you so much Petra!

    Chicago - Jetset World Travel - Elyse Zerweck

  • Thank you so much again for a truly special and amazing time in Italy! We will definitely reach out to you again!

    Connecticut - Cruise Holidays and Vacations - Kim Cronin

  • Thank you so much for planning our trip!  It was really an experience and memory we will cherish!

    Connecticut, USA - Largay Travel - Heather Bahora

  • Heather,  we knew this trip was going to be great, but it far exceeded our hopes! The itineraries, services and details—both small and large—that you recommended and planned for us were fantastic!

    Connecticut, USA - Largay Travel - Heather Bahora

  • They had the most wonderful time and were so very thankful for all of the hard work that went into the trip! Thanks very much for all of your efforts on this trip – I am so happy they had such a lovely time and memorable trip!

    Connecticut, USA - Valerie Wilson Travel - Jessica Blouin

  • We had a wonderful time. All of your guides, drivers and hotels were fantastic. We appreciate that every detail was taken care of. Thank you for arranging an amazing vacation!

    Crowborough, England - Joanna Davis Private Travel - Penny Henson, Client's Testimonial

  • "Overall, we didn’t have a single complaint. The trip was delightful from beginning to end. The team from Queen of Clubs were top notch. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

    Dallas - Strong Travel - Bernie Thomas

  • Thank you for making me look like a Rock Star with your fantastic company and guides!

    Dallas, Texas - Campbell Travel - Lori Key

  • The client said that Carolina and the driver were FABULOUS! This is a great statement as they always expect the best. You all delivered. Thank you for making me look like a Rock Star!

    Dallas, Texas, USA - Campbell Travel - Lori Key

  • Everything worked like clockwork. Incredible service , knowledge and very personable! Excellent work everyone. You make me look like RockStar!

    Dallas, Texas, USA - Campbell Travel - Lori Key 

  • He said everything was fantastic and that you all did a wonderful job!

    Dallas, Texas, USA - Frosch Travel - Gina Griffin

  • The boat ride was fantastic! Great Captain. My favorite was the cooking class in Ravello. It was simply wonderful.

    Dallas, Texas, USA - Strong Travel - Karen Conditt, Client's Testimonial

  • I received a text message from the clientt yesterday when they got home to Dallas saying: “The trip was perfection.”

    Dallas, Texas, USA - The Tynan Travel Company - Melanie Harding

  • ​​​​​​​There is absolutely no way I could have pulled this off without your help! 

    Dallas, Texas, USA - Travel Designs - Wade Benham

  • Thank you so much for the amazing trip you helped plan. I appreciate all of the time you and your teams spent making the trip extra special. They will be back, for sure!

    Dallas, Texas, USA - Travel Edge - Caroline Settle

  • Thank you so much for helping plan what was definitely one of our top trips ever. Your attention to detail was enviable.

    Denver, USA - WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Thanks again for providing a wonderful tour for the client. Always a pleasure to work with you and your team.

    Des Moines, Iowa, USA - Kathleen Stahl Travel - Taylor Brandel

  • I had a high level of confidence because Queen of Clubs has come so highly recommended from other advisors but the client's trip needed to be perfect… but is any trip ever really perfect? This one literally was!

    Florida - King Travel Design - Deana King

  • I have been working with Queen of Clubs for a couple of years now. They never disappoint with their unique experiences and 5-star level of service for all my clients!

    Florida - Signature Travel Network - Stacey Blum

  • THANK YOU, Mattia! You are an incredible resource, always positive, and have an insanely fast turnaround time. I don't know what I would do without you! 

    Florida, USA - Luxe & Nyx - Katie Parris Griffin

  • Hi Tiago, thank you for emailing through soccer tickets. You have been amazing and extremely helpful. Looking forward to working with you on future bookings!

    Geelong - Executive Travel Management - Vitina Malgeri

  • Thank you everyone! ​​​​​​​They LOVED their trip and wrote a wonderful review, which wouldn't be possible without you!

    Georgia - Co.1028 Travel - Lori Burton

  • Wow! Jozsef Balazs is amazing. I work with a lot of ‘on the ground’ people and he is a standout! Honestly, he deserves both a raise and a paid vacation! 

    Georgia - Uniglobe Atlanta - Marissa Barker

  • OMG! Queen of Clubs pick up was amazing. Nicole was a gem. Highly recommended.

    Glendale, California, USA - Plaza Travel - Elizabeth Anderson

  • I spoke to the client at length last night and she had rave reviews for her trip and guides! She said those guides had such positive things to say about Queen of Clubs, that she was convinced we were the right choice for their trip! 

    Greenville - Thornton Hall Travel - Flo Banks

  • The client and I are so thankful for you. Once again, Queen of Clubs completely “wowed” our clients! We appreciate you so much.

    Greenville, South Carolina, USA - Thornton Hall - Lynn Brown

  • Thank you for planning our trip of a lifetime. We felt like jet setters when we arrived at our hotel in Venice by boat. We wouldn’t change a thing. Amazing experience!

    Greenville, South Carolina, USA - Thornton Hall Travel - Suzanne Hagins

  • We had the most wonderful time in Italy! It was fantastic!! Everything was perfect. Thank you again for organising a beautiful vacation for us.

    Greenville, South Carolina, USA - Thornton Hall Travel - Lynn Brown, Client's Testimonial

  • First class company! The drivers and tour guides were amazing. Antonio did a great job keeping us updated the night before our excursions.

    Greenville, South Carolina, USA - Thornton Hall Travel - Lynn Brown

  • Everything exceeded my client's expectations!

    Greenville, South Carolina, USA - Thornton Hall Travel - Lisa Hall

  • We loved all our tour guides! I have already recommended you to others and will most certainly call you for our next trip!!!

    Greenville, South Carolina, USA - Thornton-Hall Travel - Lisa Hall

  • I am just reading this again. You all did a great job. The clients called me the night before they were flying back and told me all about the passports. I am so thankful for you all and the ability to help them.

    Greenville, South Carolina, USA - Thornton-Hall Travel - Lisa Hall

  • We arrived home after the most amazing trip we could have ever imagined! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    Greenville, South Carolina, USA - Thornton-Hall Travel, LLC - Lisa Hall, Client's Testimonial

  • Your teams are amazing. I sing your praises high and low! Every single one of my clients has had nothing but great things to say upon returning home.

    Harbor Springs, Michigan, USA - Luxe & Nyx - Katie Parris Griffin

  • I received the best feedback today! Thank you for making it such a wonderful experience for them. I look forward to our continued work together!

    Harbor Springs, Michigan, USA - Luxe & Nyx - Georgia Paige

  • I have worked on three itineraries with Queen of Clubs. I have enjoyed each specialist to whom I have been assigned. They are thorough and competent and go above and beyond to be timely. Much appreciation to the Queen of Clubs team!

    Houston - Signature Travel Network - Clarissa Fuentes

  • You all have worked so hard with all the challenges the clients have. Thank you all so very much!

    Irving, Texas, USA - Iantosca Travel - Ralph Iantosca

  • You have really done a wonderful job, Greta. I appreciate all of your hard work on this entire trip!

    Irving, Texas, USA - Iantosca Travel LLC - Ralph Iantosca

  • Hi Jennifer, I love your team and working with them. They are so buttoned up!

    London, England - Frosch Travel - Dave Kass

  • It’s all been truly exceptional - you guys are amazing - thank you!

    London, England - Joanna Davies Private Travel - Joanna Davies

  • Above and beyond impressed with the service that you and your team provided to our top clients!

    Los Angeles , USA - Roam Travel Company - Charlotte Barillier

  • Queen of Clubs is first class in every way - thank you for everything! I can’t wait to return to Italy and to use you again!

    Los Angeles, California - SmartFlyer - Beth Sanlorenzo

  • Without you and your amazing guidance and contacts, our trip would have only been a fraction of what it was. Everything about it was perfect!

    Los Angeles, USA - WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Just wanted to say thank you so much for creating such a fantastic experience throughout the entire trip. The trip was unforgettable!

    Los Angeles, USA - All Star Travel Group - Susan Duffy

  • My entire family would like to thank you for helping put together the most memorable trip we can imagine.

    Los Angeles, USA - Byron Travel Group - Chad Rodarme, Client's Testimonial

  • It was an amazing trip and we are so grateful for your help! 

    Los Angeles, USA - Byron Travel Group - Chad Rodarme

  • Queen of Clubs, great to work with for both tours and transportation, very professional. Would use them again. Tours were fabulous!

    Los Angeles, USA - Frosch Entertainment - Dave Kass

  • Another job WELL done. You have truly proven that I can rely on you. Consider me a QoC evangelist.

    Los Angeles, USA - Go With Altitude - John Beeler

  • I really appreciate everyone's help.

    Los Angeles, USA - Go With Altitude - John Beeler

  • Thank you so much, Naike!   The clients absolutely loved their trip, and spoke very highly about the services from Queen of Clubs – in each location, France, Switzerland and Italy!

    Los Angeles, USA - New Act Travel - Wade Benham

  • Dear Luna, Naike, and all team of Q of Clubs Italy, you are seriously the best!!!

    Madrid, Spain - Nuba - Mariana Lazzeri 

  • Big thanks to you both for helping plan such a special and memorable trip for us. Everything was seamless - from the transfers, to the hotels, to the experiences - and we didn’t have to worry about a thing.

    Marin County, California, USA - Protravel International - Vikram Seshadri

  • You did an OUTSTANDING job! My client was singing your praises!

    Massachusetts, USA - Largay Travel - Gail Rosenberg

  • Thank you so very much for all the attention provided. It is such a pleasure to work with you. Thanks so much for the report and for pleasing the clients to the maximum.

    Mexico City, Mexico - ITG - Mihael Jerman

  • So much gratitude with Queen of Clubs Lifestyle Luxury Services for the most amazing day tour to the Vatican Museums!

    Mexico City, Mexico - ITG - Jason Santamaria

  • Muchas gracias por todo Mattia. Todo maravilloso! Agradezco tu apoyo y espero poder molestarte pronto para un futuro cliente.

    Mexico City, Mexico - Viajes El Cortes Inglés México - Maria de los Ángeles Escobedo Vázquez

  • "We returned from our vacation last night. It was a great trip. It truly makes it a more enjoyable experience. Thank you for making sure the details were taken care of by the team!" Thank you for providing such a positive experience for our clients.

    Naperville - TravelXclusive - Leyla Kurap

  • Queen of Clubs has been amazing and the guides they chose for us have been beyond fantastic!

    Naples, Florida - Preferred Travel - Wendy Taylor

  • It has all been wonderful, thank you for your help!

    New Canaan, Connecticut, USA - Valerie Wilson Travel - Paula Murphy

  • Everything so far has been PERFECT! Everything!

    New Canaan, Connecticut, USA - Valerie Wilson Travel - Paula Murphy

  • I must tell you what a pleasure it was to work with Barbara on a recent complicated itinerary. She was so responsive and patient and helpful!

    New Canaan, Connecticut, USA - Valerie Wilson Travel - Paula Murphy

  • Thank you for all of your hard work! I am glad they had a good experience and thanks for all of your patience with me with the back and forth with the hotels.

    New Canaan, Connecticut, USA - Valerie Wilson Travel - Jessica Blouin

  • The client was very happy with all of the hotel choices and how smoothly everything went! Thank you, thank you for all of your hard work on this trip and on all of my other upcoming trips

    New Canaan, Connecticut, USA - Valerie Wilson Travel - Jessica Blouin

  • We could not have seen or enjoyed our honeymoon half as much without you. The service was truly exceptional… you made every moment magical and smooth! You were so incredible to us!

    New Jersey, USA - Coveted Journeys - Katy Hentenaar, Client's Testimonial

  • Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for going above and beyond and truly making me look like a ROCK STAR!

    New Jersey, USA - Coveted Journeys - Katy Hentenaar

  • Thank you for your email and thank you for all of your help with the clients' trip.  They emailed me yesterday that they had an amazing trip, so thank you for everything you did to make that happen!

    New York - Elli Travel Group - Amy Guenzl

  • Naike and the entire Queen of Clubs team, I love partnering with your team. You are so talented. THANK YOU!

    New York - Fora Travel - Caroline Weilert

  • They said that all the services were so smooth that they were afraid they were doing something wrong – their travels had never gone so smoothly before!

    New York - Life Is Short Adventures - Lisa Harris Boyd

  • "The hotels in Sicily were fabulous (especially Verdura) and the tours were excellent! Now that I experienced the ease of getting through an airport with a greeter I am a convert!"

    New York - Pro Travel - Janice Martorano

  • Mara, the clients called me from the plane and, as I said to you on the phone, they are SO grateful to have had Valentina and I appreciate ALL your hard work!!! I don’t know what I’d do without all of you!!!

    New York - Protravel International - Daria Kaldawy

  • Hi, Federica, firstly, thank you so, so much for all the details you provided. You have been fantastic. Thank you so much!

    New York - Tzell Travel Group - Ashley Del Rio

  • The clients loved everything about their special Italy and Paris trip with Queen of Clubs! I wish you a wonderful holiday!

    New York - Valerie Wilson Travel - Susan Gringauz

  • Our clients have nothing but positive feedback. The WhatsApp group chat with your 24 hours emergency contact is a game changer! Your entire team makes us look like rock stars and we look forward to planning lots more trips! 

    New York - Valerie Wilson Travel - Susan Gringauz

  • The clients were very happy! Queen of Clubs absolutely does not disappoint my clients or me! You took a very complicated request and made it simple!

    New York - Valerie Wilson Travel - Judy Kurzban

  • Dear Jennifer, I wanted to thank you and your team, specifically, Giulia, for orchestrating the perfect trip for me and my brother. There was not a single glitch. It all ran like a finely tuned violin - something, Jennifer, that your company does so very

    New York, USA - WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • There seemed to be many people behind the scenes taking care of us. In all, I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Jennifer's team and of course, Wendy Perrin.

    New York, USA - WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • The entire trip, Paris and Rome, worked out beautifully. Your guides were superb in engaging the children and enlightening the adults at the same time. All went very very well.

    New York, USA - WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Your service and availability were so appreciated. Thank you for making me look good.

    New York, USA - Elaine Goldhill Travel - Elaine Goldhill

  • The family had a great time! Thank you so much for making their trip memorable!

    New York, USA - Four Hundred - Ilana Silverman

  • Queen of Clubs did an excellent job and was worth the price. Thank you and your team for doing such a great job!

    New York, USA - In the Know Experiences - Patty Ehinger

  • The clients were beyond happy the entire week with the services. You all are ROCKSTARS! I absolutely love working with you guys knowing that everything is done professionally and promptly. Thank you 100 times!

    New York, USA - Jet Set Getaways - Jenna Canfora

  • Just arrived home and want to thank you, for making this an incredible weekend for us. Thank you again, you were all delightful and made the weekend.

    New York, USA - Number 1 Power Travel - Donna Guttman

  • Thank you SO MUCH. I now realize how essential this transfer and porter is in Venice. I’ll be requesting this from Queen of Clubs as well as other services, I can’t wait to refer clients to you and start working.

    New York, USA - Ovation Travel - Limor Decter

  • I was in Italy during some of their trip, and the clients had amazing feedback for your services, great job and thanks for making MY job seamless!

    New York, USA - Ovation Travel - Ben Borelli

  • Thank you for making everything easy for my family and I. You were awesome!

    New York, USA - Protravel - Masha Englin

  • Their pricing is the best in the industry and always presented with photos and details. Full details are updated right up to departure time. You can book with Queen of Clubs with assurance. You are in excellent hands!

    New York, USA - Protravel International - Siobhan Hennessy

  • Giulia, in all my years of doing this, I don’t think I have had a more positive review of services. It was a 30 minute phone call filled with raves!

    New York, USA - Protravel International - Robert Smith

  • Italy was amazing! We had the best time and all worked out perfectly!

    New York, USA - Protravel International - Daria Kaldawy, Client's Testimonial

  • On behalf of the committee, who represents all of the employees of our great company and myself we want to say thank you. Partnering means so much and your value is so greatly appreciated!

    New York, USA - Protravel International - Andy Pesky

  • I can’t thank you enough for all of your help with the clients. You have truly gone above and beyond.

    New York, USA - Protravel International - Allyson Greenfield

  • I would recommend everything we did. Thank you SO MUCH for the trip of a life time!

    New York, USA - Rapture Travels - Shelley Rapp

  • EVERYTHING was absolutely perfect! They were blown away. I have to say, this might have been one of the greatest carried out programs I've ever seen.

    New York, USA - Roman & Erica - Jeffrey Jackowitz

  • I realize that it’s a phenomenal amount of work to taking care, not to mention all the other agents. We are just really grateful for your team!

    New York, USA - SmartFlyer - Maria Wicke

  • I wanted to say GRAZIE MILLE for organizing the truffle hunt for my friend and I! From start to finish, the tour was perfection!

    New York, USA - SmartFlyer - Beth Sanlorenzo

  • Thank you for these wonderful tours with great guides. I truly hope to be back soon to explore these cities and more.

    New York, USA - Travel Experts - Jeff Traugot

  • I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for all of your assistance with my clients. Both have returned from Italy with wonderful feedback and said they were so happy to have been in contact with your team throughout their trip.

    New York, USA - Valerie Wilson Travel - Robin Boyarski

  • Jennifer and Mara, I wanted to thank for creating the greatest trip - everything was incredible and we truly loved every minute.

    New York, USA - Valerie Wilson Travel - Jocelyn Sontag

  • Thank you! They had the MOST amazing time! A ton of work that went into it but it was all worth it!

    New York, USA - Valerie Wilson Travel - Jocelyn Sontag

  • We love Queen of Clubs! Thank you so much for setting up such great experiences and all of the amazing work you do for our clients!

    New York, USA - Walker & Hays - Rachel Hays

  • I would like to compliment your entire staff for the outstanding and excellent service during our stay in Paris & Italy! It was impeccable and made our vacation extra special!

    Newport Beach, California, USA - Social Media - Katherine Nonna

  • Many thanks for everyone's help with this very tight deadline itinerary. I think you blew the clients away!

    Newport Beach, California, USA - Uncorked Escapes - Natalie Neesan

  • I appreciate you all taking such good care of them. This is how we grow OUR business!

    North Carolina, USA - Thornton-Hall Travel - Lisa Hall

  • I love Queen of Clubs! I have received excellent feedback from clients! I don't feel the need to request quotes from other suppliers when Queen of Clubs services the area with which I need assistance. They are that good!

    Oakland - Signature Travel Network - Daria Dimitroff

  • The guide was extremly knowledgeable and very sweet and she made a perfect end to their trip. Thank you!

    Orlando, Florida, USA - Katie Bean Travel - Katie Merrigan, Client's Testimonial

  • "We had an amazing time in Italy.  The best part of our trip was the part that you planned for us."

    Palm Beach, USA - Swoon Worthy Travel, LLC - Shari Weinstein

  • I was very impressed with your quick service. your response time was exceptional!

    Pasadena, California, USA - Scheck Trek Travel - Vicki Scheck

  • "Everything was perfect and went off without a hitch. Queen of Clubs is such a well-run organization. We felt like VIPs everywhere we went, lol. Every hotel was beautiful, every tour was wonderful, every tour guide was super friendly and knowledgeable, an

    Pennsylvania - Whirlaway Travel - Denise Booth

  • Your guides and greeters were the best we’ve had in the world! Truly. Every single team we met at each airport, train station and hotel were top notch!

    Pennsylvania, USA - Avenue Two Travel - Kelly Pincus

  • Clients are loving their stay in Amalfi. They are noticing the QoClubs difference. The private boat to Capri was "one of their top 10 days EVER” and they travel a lot. Thank you for taking such good care of them.

    Plano, Texas, USA - Seamless Travel - Anthea Gilchrist

  • Here is what the clients had to say: "We loved this trip more than you know!! Thank you." Thank you! You guys are rock stars!

    Ponte Vedra Beach - Tate Escapes - Tate Hallford

  • Whatever you are doing, you're doing it right!

    Portugal - Solseta Travel - Simon

  • it's unusual for clients to send me two different messages to say how delighted they have been with your arrangements so far for them, so my sincere thanks to you and the team for that.

    Portugal - Solseta travel - Simon

  • Yesterday as I asked for feedback, I will send you exactly what they wrote. They are so cute: "It was a dream come true! The bar is set super high for the next time we're lucky enough to make it back over to that side of the world!"

    Protravel Inc - Lisa de Wolff - Lisa de Wolff

  • The trip was incredible - and the Villa Di Piazzano was the absolute best! Thank you for planning the best trip ever.

    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA - E-destinations - Elaine Smith, Client's Testimonial

  • They had a wonderful time in Rome & Florence. They said everything was amazing! Loved their guides too!

    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA - E-destinations - Elaine Smith

  • Omg our Montepulciano day was amazing! Such a fantastic personal attention and truly authentic experience!

    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA - Sandy Pappas Travel - Sandy Pappas

  • I can honestly say that without amazing partners and friends like the teams at Queen of Clubs we could not be as successful, knowledgeable and create such lasting wonderful memories for our clients. I know that all of our jobs are not easy currently but h

    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA - Your Travel Designer - Jolene Detillion

  • I need to tell you that every detail of our trip has been absolutely fantastic! I really appreciate everything you’ve done to set this up and frankly I can’t imagine things being better than this!

    San Francisco, California, USA - Travel Struck - Courtney Regan, Client's Testimonial

  • Seriously, the team is ON FIRE! Beyond their excellent knowledge, response time and cheerfulness, the itineraries are excellent. Really interesting and perfectly tailored for each client.

    San Francisco, USA - Azurine Travel - Michelle Murre

  • ​Thank you Susanna! They loved absolutely everything you planned, thank you.

    San Francisco, USA - Azurine Travel - Michelle Murre

  • The Vatican tour was spectacular. My client could not rave enough about the Vatican guide who was extremely knowledgeable, he was impressed by her PhD and she was wonderfully personable and accommodating.

    San Francisco, USA - Journeys Unparalleled - Margot Kong

  • Terrific gelato masterclass!

    San Francisco, USA - Journeys Unparalleled - Margot Kong

  • I just wanted to note that the clients loved their tour guides in Florence and were so appreciative of all you did to make their tours so special.

    San Francisco, USA - Protravel - Vikram Sshadri

  • Today ROCKED!

    Santa Ana, Costa Rica - Surf City Travel - John Decker

  • I want to thank you for your attention throughout the process and let you know that the clients loved the tour and you! Thank you very much for all your attention from the beginning!

    São Paulo - PHD Travel - Sergio Aguiar

  • Hi Naike, I wanted to second what the client said: "The team at Queen of Clubs are truly top-notch professionals! We loved working with them!"

    South California - True Places Travels - Melody Hartwig

  • THANK YOU! It was very important to me to impress these clients and you crushed it! 

    St Louis, Missouri, USA - Luxe & Nyx - Katie Griffin

  • We can’t say enough good things about the travel planning support...I’ve honestly never been on a trip where every detail was so thoughtfully managed. We can’t thank you enough!

    St Louis, Missouri, USA - Smart Flyer - Robert Merlin, Client's Testimonial

  • I don't even know how to begin to say thank you properly. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Seeing Pope Francis was a surprise of a lifetime!

    St Louis, Missouri, USA - Smartflyer - Robert Merlin, Client's Testimonial

  • Hi Mattia, I honestly don't know what I would do without you and your team. You have been flawless in your execution all year!

    St. Louis, Missouri, USA - Luxe & Nyx - Katie Griffin

  • Best trip ever! We loved every minute of it. They were so helpful and communicative and went out of their way to help us rearrange a few things...I truly can’t say enough good things about them.

    St. Louis, Missouri, USA - Smartflyer - Robert Merlin, Client's Testimonial

  • Goodness, gracious! We had such a fantastic trip to Italy - truly spectacular. Every detail was planned with great thought and executed perfectly.

    St. Louis, Missouri, USA - SmartFlyer - Robert Merlin

  • My clients are absolutely thrilled with the arrangements for Venice. Thank you for all your hard work to make me look good with them! You are the best!

    Texas - Frosch Travel - Dee Bucklew

  • They mentioned that they LOVED Rome! The food was great, the tours were wonderful, and they were able to see the Sistine Chapel with the lights on and were the only people there, while normally there are over 40,000 people per day!

    Texas - Lowe Luxury Travel - Ane Lowe

  • Trip was amazing! The greeters were so important on the way home as the airport was so crowded and we were able to bypass the lines. I was able to go up to the rooftop restaurant one time for breakfast and it was lovely. Incredible experience, as always!

    Texas, USA - Departure Lounge - Aimee Cook

  • Thanks again for everything! This is exactly what i had hoped for! Great work!

    Texas, USA - DF Destinations - Diane Frisch

  • Incredible service! You are the Best!

    Texas, USA - Travel Designes by Campbell - Lori Key

  • Hi again Jennifer, I had a tour booked for a family in Rome tomorrow morning. The client just texted me 30 minutes ago to add another person. I called Catalina, and she has worked her magic and been able to source another Colosseum entry ticket and add th

    Toorak, Victoria - Allure Travel - Barclay Cox

  • Fantastic experience in Milano! ​​​​​​​Thank you to Maria, Freda, Joseph and Lucas for the organization on our spectacular morning in Milan, we can't wait to tour with you again!

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Butterfield and Robinson - Megan Marut

  • Our trip was truly special thanks in large part to you and your team! We were blown away by all that you did.

    Venice, Italy - Gustave Travel Co. - Judy Konkoly, Client's Testimonial

  • Queen of Clubs does not know impossible. They have unparalleled access, they are responsive, and are fast to deal with any last minute changes.

    Venice, Italy - Gustave Travel Co. - Judy Konkoly

  • This was so smooth. I can't wait to work with you again soon!

    Vienna, Austria - Lily Pond Luxury - McLean Robbins

  • "Given all the moving parts to our France and Italy trips, and the fact they were all run like a Swiss watch, is so valuable when in foreign countries. And Queen of Clubs is the bomb! Also, all of our guides in France and Italy were terrific!"

    Washington - True Places Travels - Cate Caruso

  • Good morning, Kevin! Thanks so much for your email. I have heard from the clients many times during their trip. I know that they had a fantastic time and so I thank you very much for all you did to make that happen!

    Waterbury, Connecticut - Largay Travel - Meredith Lutz

  • Thank you for all your assistance with my client! I met them last night and they absolutely LOVED their cruise at the Blue Grotto with Captain Mariano!

    Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - Largay Travel - Margaret Nichols


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